Translation Services

STS will aid you to overcome cross-cultural communication barriers.  See our examples below.
Company Handbooks/Manuals

One of the most popular and practical services, English to Spanish translation of company handbooks/manuals ensures communication between employers and their Spanish speaking employees. Professional Spanish translation helps to create and sustain a diverse workforce and enhance employees’ understanding of a company’s mission and goals. In addition to handbooks/manuals, STS is available to translate retirement plans, paycheck stubs, and policy statements.


English to Spanish translation offers solutions for all your advertising and marketing needs. STS provides translation of advertising in many forms, including direct mail, flyers, postcards, and brochures and tips for Latino/Hispanic marketing. Advertising in Spanish expands your target audience and increases the opportunity of greater revenue.


Technology is vital to a company’s success. As the business world increases competition online, the Internet becomes more desirable and practical to consumers of all demographics. English websites translated into Spanish at the click of the mouse will place your company on the competitive edge.

Training Materials

Safety is a critical concern to many places of business. Diversity training and sexual harassment prevention training are proactive steps to managing a diverse workforce. STS offers English to Spanish translation of training materials to ensure an employee’s safety and understanding of all company rules and regulations. For example, a nursery and landscape company has their safety training materials translated into Spanish to prevent their Spanish speaking employees from on the job injuries.