Interpretation Services

Need help communicating face-to-face with business associates, important clients, or employees? Our comprehensive interpretation services are the solution.
In Person

Verbal translation, or interpretation, is necessary in a variety of situations. Focus groups with Spanish only speaking employees, Spanish speaking patients in a hospital, and conferences with Spanish speaking individuals are a few examples where STS helps a company with interpretation.

Via Telephone

STS provides interpretation via telephone in conference calls and telemarketing. Whether English to Spanish or Spanish to English interpretation, STS ensures clear and concise communication in all types of business endeavors.

Language Proficiency Assessments

A Language Proficiency Assessment is the first step to helping a company with its bilingual initiatives. STS offers language assessments to companies who wish to improve communication amongst employees. If an individual wishes to learn English or Spanish, STS helps them decipher the ability level they already possess.

ESL/ESOL Classes

Spanish speaking employees increase their English skills through English as a Second Language (ESL) classes or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Companies struggling with a language barrier choose a comprehensive ESL/ESOL program to meet their needs. STS provides clients with a qualified, reputable translator to conduct the ESL/ESOL classes.