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Hispanic Retention Tips



A list of tips shown to assist with hiring and sustaining an Hispanic Work Force

  • Vacation after 1 yr, profit sharing after 3 yrs, extra money for transportation each month and help with legal questions (Greenwood Landscape).
  • Monetary bonuses before Christmas, raffles, courtesy, introduce crews to clients, emphasize their specialties, i.e. stonewall, etc.
  • We provide transportation.
  • Company handbooks, training materials, and employee reviews with bonuses and incentives. I speak a fair amount of Spanish and take the time to find out about my employees. I give them opportunity to advance and show them that we must be a team so we all can prosper.
  • Educating English speaking employees with Spanish classes.
  • I teach my crews English at every opportunity. The first word is always payday.
  • Also, ask about their families and what their native country is like. And remember/acknowledge birthdays.
  • Provide more flexible time/family leave. Offer advance pay for family bills, other payments.
  • Spanish lessons for all mid level and upper level management.
  • Used to provide transportation to and from work.
  • Safety meeting every Monday.
  • Due to a worker’s shoulder injury, I went to the clinic with him to explain (in my extremely limited) manner what was to be done. Then found a rehab clinic that had Spanish-speaking technicians.
  • Help them to get legal. Talk to Attorneys to help the family.
  • Help with call bill agents helping to resolve disputes. Know their family history.
  • We provide clothing and boot subsidy. We invited our workers to attend this event with us today and tomorrow (at our cost). Take them to Growers parties/events. Inviting them to come to meet with us and an immigration attorney (at our cost) to help them achieve legal status. (Greenscapes Lawn & Landscape Services).
  • Work hand in hand with my Spanish employees and they help me in Spanish as I help them with English during the day.
  • Company day at baseball game.
  • Improved property services, box lunch for employees, sponsor soccer league for employees.
  • I work hand in hand with my Spanish workers. I use nonverbal communication.
  • We recently installed English to Spanish software to translate all company memos/policies/reviews, etc. We also have 3 flags flying in our little courtyard, American/Mexican/Puerto Rican, to symbolize unity and respect. We need help, however, to better understand cultural differences. (JiCugliotta Landscape/Nursery)
  • I’ve cut my jobs significantly, so each day the crew works for me, I buy them lunch.
  • We provide transportation, H 2 B opportunities and special pizza and beer parties throughout the seasons. We also provide the opportunity for English courses as well.
  • Learned to speak Spanish, make them Foremen.
  • We provide transportation. Also, I am constantly trying to learn more Spanish and learning about their cultures so that we understand each other better. We offer bonuses and Christmas party. (Bill’s Scenic Landscaping)
  • Respect – my employees are co-workers not labor.
  • Translate policy manual to Spanish.
  • We make phone calls to different agencies, doctors etc, for our workers (only 1-2 per season) and try to guide them through red tape.
  • My company has advanced payroll due to illness of a family member in Mexico.
  • Training material in Spanish and videos, handouts, etc. I help with problems with US agencies.
  • I’ve re-learned my high school and college Spanish.
  • I started studying Spanish one and half years ago when I started at a Nursery.
  • I took 3 years of Spanish.
  • I translated our Safety Policy into Spanish.
  • Every year at our summer picnic we collect for a charity and the company matches that donation. This year we collected for orphanages in Guatemala and Mexico.
  • Monthly Safety meetings translated into Spanish.
  • Giving my Hispanic foreman more challenges and authority.
  • Through safety tailgate sessions, giving the guys an opportunity to interact with each other and management, while improving quality of life.
  • English lessons during the workday 2 x per year 6 weeks.
  • Modern, proper and safe equipment and workplace, as well as competitive wages. Our Latino workers stay in droves.
  • Began posting EE notices in English and Spanish.
  • Turkey to each employee for Thanksgiving.
  • Gift certificates for Food and Christmas.
  • Bring TV’s, DVD’s, walkmans and giveaways by drawings at Christmas.
  • Everything we have is in both English and Spanish. During slow season we have a “Food for Friends” program to help feed families. X-mas parties, company picnics. New idea program that pays cash, 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place- $1000, $750, $500.
  • H2B, Mission Statement (English and Spanish).
  • Recruiting through current Latino employees.
  • Genuine opportunity for management advancement for Hispanic/Latino employees.
  • Everyone is involved in decisions made; part of the strategic planning, help with hiring/firing evaluations, job descriptions, etc. (Juan-Prides Corner Farms).
  • Learning Spanish.
  • Flew all laborers to Mexico for H2B Act. Provide English classes, paid holidays, 401 K for employees, housing, incentives and equal status. They are oars that row the boat (David Fritz, Winterberry Gardens Southington/CT).
  • Fabulous planters! They need encouragement and a sense of their innate skills and worth (Carol De Luca)!
  • Try to get them legal status, not just respect- friends! I wish local people had the work ethic that my Latino guys have (Garden Concepts, Glo. MA).
  • Treat them as equals, respect.