Spanish Translation Services LLC

STS is an English to Spanish and Spanish to English Translation consulting firm. Formed to respond to the very specific translation requirements of organizations, STS is a team of translation specialists with highly focused industry expertiseadding value to DTG's portfolio of services.

Translation Services

With our expertise in Spanish language translation, cross-cultural differences and standards of the highest order, STS will provide you with a complete solution to your translation needs. An STS partnership will create dynamic and powerful results with all your bilingual initiatives after years of proven success in the field of diversity marketing and best business practices. STS will aid you to overcome cross-cultural communication barriers by seeing the big picture–making certain your message is appropriately consistent with your goals. More Translation Services information.


Interpretation Services

STS provided interpretation assistance via telephone for the National Wildlife Federation. Among its many services, STS conducts Spanish and English interpretation in person, such as the language proficiency assessments held in focus groups at Southern Management. This company considered the implementation for English as a Second Language classes (ESL) after our qualified recommendations. Our translators comprise native Spanish fluency and exceptional educational credentials.  See more Interpretation Services.